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Hoist H-2200 Two Stack Multi Gym

Hoist H-2200 Two Stack Multi Gym

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About This Product 

The HOIST Fitness H2200 2 Stack Multi-Gym brings 40 years of innovation with its recent redesign by our engineering team.  Designed with the same smooth, natural, quiet motions that have become the HOIST® trademark,  the H2200 is the most up-to-date premium 2-station gym for light commercial and commercial settings.

  • 200 lb. Silent Steel™ weight stacks: Each solid steel individual plate receives pressed-in industrial plastic bushings and then is machined to exacting specifications to insure glass smooth operation plus eliminating any metal to metal contact or sound.
  • Exercise Placard provides a visual aid to illustrate exercise movements and help in organizing your workouts.
  • Easy Glide™ inserts make adjustments quick, smooth and secure eliminating metal against metal contact & friction.
  • Compact 2-stack gym provides an uncompromised range of exercises commonly found in health clubs.
  • Space saving “L” shaped design fits easily into a corner and efficiently accommodates 2 users.
  • Two Strap Handles with 3 length choice rings.
  • Curl Bar
  • Fleece Knee Strap


  • Product Width: 106.00” (269.24 cm)
  • Product Height: 83.00" (210.82 cm)
  • Product Length: 90.00” (228.6 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 1,005 lbs. (455.86 kg)
  • Cables: Minimum breaking strength 2,000 lbs


STATION 1- Rigid Arm Lat Pulldown - Leg Press

Counter-balanced lat pulldown arm and self-aligning handles provide a smooth, natural feel and automatically accommodates the movement and size of individual users.

Angled thigh brace rollers allow you to quickly and easily slip into position without the need for adjustment.

Pillow block bearings on the footplate arm provides smooth motion and durability.

The self-aligning foot plate automatically adjusts during the exercise to follow the natural movement of your feet, taking the strain off of your ankles.

The adjustable back pad accommodates different sized users and allows for pre-stretch adjustments.

The 2.2:1 Split Weight Cabling™ ratio for the leg press provides 440 pounds of exercise resistance.

STATION 2 - Chest Press - Mid Row - Leg Extension - Standing Leg Curl - Lo & Mid Pulley

Interchangeable press arm options allow you to pick the one that’s right for you! Choose between the traditional fixed press arm (HPA-1) with patented range of motion,

or the patented 3-D articulating press arm (HPA-2). The patented ROM adjustment allows you to adjust your starting position on the fixed press arm.

The unique patented 3-D articulating press arm allows you to control both the arc and angle of the exercise path.

Low and mid pulley stations allow you to perform multiple upper and lower body exercises using a variety of attachments.

Dual adjusters on the back pad offer both telescoping and angular adjustments to provide proper positioning and back support.

Adjustable seat with stabilizing handles.

Patented Leg extension arm (US Patent 5,961,428) has an integrated cam to prevent resistance drop off at the end of the exercise movement and a self-aligning roller that automatically adjusts to the users leg length.

Telescoping roller pad adjusts to provide proper positioning for leg extensions and standing leg curls.

Locking pull pin ensures stable pad positioning.

STATION 3 - High Pulley

1:1 Cabling provides 200 lbs. of resistance.

Built in accessory holders.


Frame: Lifetime

Moving Parts: 10 years

Paint, Cables and Upholstery: 10 years


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